Friday, May 29, 2009

Bag Lady

Mia is 2. She's the only girl in our world full of sports, trucks, action figures and all things BOY. Yet somehow she manages to be a girly girl. Almost from birth she's had a fascination with shoes. She's amassed quite an impressive collection really. Slippers, boots, sandals...taking off, putting on, sorting...they are one of her favorite toys.

Another fascination is purses, or pocketbooks as we call them in Rhode Island. She has several, and each contains another treasure - jewelry. Luckily, right now she's happy with plastic bracelets and any bag with a handle.

I dread the day when the bags have to be Coach, the shoes, Jimmy Choo and the jewelry, gold!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Run Diane Run - EE5K Update

When someone mentions running, I immediately conjure up images of Forrest Gump (hence, the title of this post) and Maniac McGee. Forrest ran so long his leg braces popped off, and Maniac's shoes wore down until he was left running barefoot!!

I know - FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. But for some reason I feel I need to measure up, and sadly I fall short - waaaaaaay short.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I know several women who run for fun and CLAIM that running is as good as Prosaic. I've never taken Prosaic, but after running for a few weeks I don't think I want to.

Whining over! So, a few weeks ago I started this program called "From Couch Potato to 5K in 10 Weeks". It's not written by a doctor; there are several versions of it in cyberspace; I didn't check out the credentials of the trainer who came up with the program...but still, I decided this would be the best program for me.

So the first week starts out with a 5 minute walk, then you alternate running for 60 sec. & walking 90 sec for 6 reps. Not too bad.

Week 2 is similar, but you run 90 & walk 60. Quite a bit harder. In fact, I was contemplating repeating week 2 - then it rained...and life got more chaotic than normal...and running was the first to go -- SURPRISE.

So, after a week hiatus, I'm back. I'm starting over. HELP. Remember how I said week 1 wasn't bad? I lied. The first 2 or 3 running/walking reps aren't bad. Then my legs turn to cement...the clock slows down when I run and moves at hyper speed while I walk...when I tell myself I need to run to a corner or a light post, I feel like I'm in the Shining riding my Big Wheel down a hallway where the door gets further & further away...

But I'm sticking to it. Guess you have to run more than a total of 6 minutes to get that euphoric "runner's high". If anyone has any tips - bring 'em on. If there are any non-runners out there - please tell me you've had similar experiences so I don't feel quite so pathetic.

17 weeks from now I want to be a running convert!