Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I know, I know. I was going to blog on a regular basis, and as an avid reader of many blogs, I hate when the sites I frequent aren't updated at least weekly. But I am in summer mode. We've been doing so many things the past couple of months. Here's a little taste:
Domenic's baseball season finally ended mid-July. We got some great pictures at his last game. Click on this one to see that toothless smile - Love it!

Went to Mayflower Beach with our neighbors and Vinny's family. Anyone who lives in New England should experience this beach at least once -- tons of sand, sandbars, shallow water -- such a great beach for the kids. Here are Domenic, Ben, Alex, & Vinny after we buried them alive -- I promise, it was their idea.

Domenic and Alex had their annual piano recital. Dom one the trophy for most improved -- you would have thought he won gold in Beijing. They both did a great job, and now we can finally move one to new pieces. If I never hear Fur Elise or the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, I will be forever grateful.

We also went to Maine for a week -- well almost a week. We came home a little early to escape the rain. Despite the weather, the kids still had a great time.

They loved doing "back flips" off of the trampoline. I would call them back flops, and they probably would have been excruciatingly painful without the life vest padding.
Playing in the sandbox was fun for all. Alex dug a hole which later provided Mia and Rocco with several minutes of entertainment.
The whole crew stopping for a moment to take a picture with Uncle Mike.See what I mean? Rocco and Mia are having a blast in the hole built by Alex.

And to cap of our eventful summer--
No, we didn't make a trip to the turkey farm to pick out our Thanksgiving dinner early. That's our back yard.We don't call this site "Down on the Farm" for nothing! No siree!! You never know what kind of wildlife will show up in the back yard -- oh sure, lots of people have squirrels and bunnies, but not everyone gets a visit from a family of turkeys.

Well, that's our summer in a nutshell. The boys did just finish being in Willy Wonka, the Musical. They were fabulous Oompa Loompas, and I did take some pictures. I just haven't taken them off of my camera yet, so those pictures will have to wait for another post.